In which language do you want us to communicate with you? (Emails, invoices, etc.)

Do you have your own website on which you publish your reaction home(s)?

Each bank has a unique code for international payments. This code is called the BIC (Business Identifier Code), also called SWIFT address.

If applicable

If commercial real estate

Your recreation home

min. 10 m2 per person

Uitgaande van min. douche, toilet en wastfafel

If part of apartment building

If part of apartment building

First possible arrival day tourist guests/tenants. Naturally, we will present your holiday home (before the first rental date) as soon as possible after receipt of signed agreement, this form and (professional) pictures by our photographer.

Max. 1 pet per residence


Bijvoorbeeld een boiler of CV

Audio / Equipment

Wifi is een bijna noodzakelijke faciliteit, wat sterk bijdraagt aan de bezettingsgraad


Type bedden

Sanitary facilities



En bijvoorbeeld het nummer waar geparkeerd moet worden

Describe the (unique) characteristics in 4 sentences

Important information (externals)

Name + telephone number + e-mail address

Name + telephone number + e-mail address

Name + telephone number + e-mail address

Where in the property / complex can I find:

Where can your guests deposit their trash?

Maintenance: Who performs these duties?

2 x a year

2 x a year

1 x a year

Private accommodation (by you as the owner)

Existing bookings (reservations accepted by you or other parties)

Maintenance period(s)

In case of (major) maintenance works, eg. painting or renovations

Assuming that your guests can be received at the final date (after cleaning)